Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University Division of Integrated Materials, Design of Nano-Systems Kikuchi & Okumura Lab.

Research Contents

We create totally new gsoft matterh by equipping functionalized molecules such as liquid crystal and polymer molecules with unique order structures and organizational structures, and by fusing the original functions of the molecules with the functions brought about by their aggregate forms. We investigate the structures and the physicality of those soft matters and apply them to materials that demonstrate advanced electronics and photonics functions. The Kikuchi Laboratory develops high-speed response liquid display elements in partnership with material manufacturers and device makers. In this way, the image quality of liquid crystal TVs is expected to improve greatly.

Characteristics of the Kikuchi & Okumura Laboratory

In substance investigation, synthetic chemistry (creation) and physicality evaluation (understanding of essence) are often compared to two wheels of a car. In the Kikuchi Laboratory, students can conduct research in both of these areas simultaneously and complementarilyB

Human Debelopment

We aim to develop trained people who can understand physicality from a broad series of perspectives, and who possess the great insight and design skills needed to create molecules of new substances which can present highly sophisticated functions from the viewpoint of physicality.

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